Know Your Role and Play it Well

When I was a young girl, I always wanted to be the pretty one in the crowd. I would look at the outer appearances of other girls to figure out how I could obtain what was desired by all of the other boys, especially the ones in my neighborhood. It wasn’t until I reached aboutContinue reading “Know Your Role and Play it Well”

“You Don’t Own Me”

When I was a child, I dreamt about being a pediatrician. It was pretty much all that I could think about. Now, this was way before Doc McStuffins and all of the other shows that showed the multiple career fields that children could go into. But, there was Doogie Howser, M.D. It was something about this youngContinue reading ““You Don’t Own Me””

Out with the old, In with the progress

2021 has been a very interesting and challenging year for myself and my family. We still had to manage working and school from home. The school system allowed the boys to return to school which caused a beginning of the year back-to-school shopping. We had a COVID-19 scare with our middle schooler which caused himContinue reading “Out with the old, In with the progress”

Take Time And Enjoy The Flowers

This weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day. This is a day where all the moms (either biological or not) get together and are showered with gifts and adoration. Every corner you turn, you will see various colors of pink and all types of flowers. If you wanted to take mom out for dinner but failed toContinue reading “Take Time And Enjoy The Flowers”