Know Your Role and Play it Well

When I was a young girl, I always wanted to be the pretty one in the crowd. I would look at the outer appearances of other girls to figure out how I could obtain what was desired by all of the other boys, especially the ones in my neighborhood. It wasn’t until I reached about 13 years old when people started to speak on what they believed was my beauty. Oh did I hear it a lot? I would be told that I look like this person or that person. That my skin was nice or I had beautiful eyes. The one compliment that I still hear this very day is, “You have an amazing smile!!”

While I am extremely honored that people would look at me in such a manner, I am most proud of the fact that I did not allow these compliments to take me out of my position. The most valuable place that a person can be is in a humble one. Now, that is not to say that you should lack confidence or pride but, you should remember that we can all fall short of grace.

One person that I think about when it pertains to not, or failing, to be humble is Queen Vashti in the Book of Ester. It is said that she was one of the most beautiful women in the entire kingdom of Persia and she knew it. The King called out to her one evening at a party and the queen refused to grace the court with her presence. (Now, she knows she is wrong for that one). All she had to do was pop her head in real quick with her crown on, smile and wave, and go back to her party. But noooooo. She was too good to even entertain the one who gave her the job.

To sum the story up, the King and his “boys” were not happy with that at alllll. So, they thought, “now if word gets out that the Queen is treating you like this, imagine what our wives would do?!!!” So, the King strips her of her title and went to look for another wife (you can read the Ester 3 if you would like to get the entire story).

Now, hear me out before you come for me. While this is example is about biblical events, I started to wonder how often I forget to play my role in life? There was a time when I was able to purchase the clothing that I believed that I was way too pretty, too fly, too fresh, to worry about anyone other than myself. But, that got me nowhere really fast.

When we are placed in certain roles, it is not to be a flex on others or forget who got us there. There should be a level of respect knowing that you did not get to where you are without some sort of assistance from other people. You don’t have to be rude, nasty, or disrespectful just because you have accomplished. This is something that I had to learn and still learning today.

However, I believe that it is also important to add that just because you helped a person to get where they are, that does not mean that they are forever in your debt. No. That is not how the cookie crumbles and if you are that type of person, you should take a really hard look at yourself. Why do you feel that for every good deed, that person is in debt to you? How is that fair?

The best thing that we all can do is understand the role that we need to play for us all to coexist and play it well. Learn to have the emotional intelligence to gain the ability to meet them where they are. Learn to adjust your attitude, when appropriate, to help you achieve more. After all, you may be beautiful on the outside but if your bad attitude is overshadowing that, you will be replaced.

Published by April Bailey

Hi Friends!! I am April B. Welcome to Pretty Thoughts and thank you for coming. I bet that you're wondering who I am and what is Pretty Thoughts. Well, I am here to give you a brief "about me". I am just your typical wife and mother who is still trying to find a way to keep my family functioning. Through this journey, I have learned a lot and failed just as much. I know that nothing in life is easy and since my birth, I have been witness to this. Going through my adolescence, I never imagined that I would serve in the military. But,let me be the first to tell you that I am so happy that I did. Once I joined the Air Force, I met my husband Philip and after 3 short months, we married and have been for over a decade. Through our "not always" blissful marriage, we welcomed two boys who keep me on my toes each and everyday (like literally tho!) "Pretty Thoughts" was born from a segment of the "Bailey Gang and Friends" podcast (if you haven't already check us out wherever you listen <3 ). From there, it dawned on me, "Our world needs more pretty!" In the society that we live in, there is so much emphasis on being the best or the greatest. But, sometimes, we just need to change our way of thinking and changing them into "Pretty Thoughts". I hope that you gain a new perspective from this site and remember to change the negative that we've been taught into some "Pretty Thoughts" Friendly Yours, April B.

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