Out with the old, In with the progress

2021 has been a very interesting and challenging year for myself and my family. We still had to manage working and school from home. The school system allowed the boys to return to school which caused a beginning of the year back-to-school shopping. We had a COVID-19 scare with our middle schooler which caused him to understand the importance of safety. Then, there was the reintegration of the world. We are still suffering from the PTSD of masks in stores. However, the icing on the cake was the sudden tragic loss of my mother at the tender age of 57.

Yes, this has been a very challenging time for us but, I had to understand that this is just the “half time”. There is still time to change the outcome of the game if we change the page in our playbook. None of us have to sit and accept the things that we can most undoubtedly change.

There is this saying, and I am pretty sure that you have come across it a couple of times. It goes like this, “doing the same thing but expecting different results is insanity”. For the first time, I heard this and I finally had an eye-opening moment. How can I expect my “second half” of this season to be different from the first if I keep up the same behaviors? Why am I shocked when people who have shown me multiple times that they don’t care about me (mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually) continue to let me down? Why am I ok with receiving less than I deserve?

I thought that if I continued to try harder to be what everyone wanted me to be then, I would be accepted and valued. Well, that has been proven wrong multiple times without hesitation. I saw how that desire for acceptance isolated my mom and made her feel as if she was alone. I’ve even heard family members say that she pushed “good” people away from her. But, I wonder how can you push someone away who never thought that you were worthy enough of their affection in the first place? It is amazing how that works isn’t it? People will justify how they treat you negatively to remove the burden and stress from them taking accountability.

The great thing is that I learned multiple lessons through these years that I am now able to apply and make a better life for myself. The lesson? CUT THEM OFF!! Weeds will grow around flowers and disguise themselves as something beautiful just to suck the life out of the flower and take it’s place. That is the same way with negativity charged people. Take them out of your circle. Stop giving them access to you or your family. Make it impossible for them to gain access to you and your joys. They will not rejoice with you or mourn with you. Everything that they do will be for clout and recognition. #SelfishAmbitions

Keep these people from your home as well. Stop allowing their negative spirits to enter and plant their hatred. It serves no benefit to you, and your peace, if you continue to allow people who find no value in you in your place of peace. Understand that these people can be longtime friends, colleagues, and even your family members. Peace does not have a limitation! Protect it at all costs. Life is entirely too short to surround yourself with people that do not want you around. Find your circle and grow intentionally. You will thank yourself later.

Published by April Bailey

Hi Friends!! I am April B. Welcome to Pretty Thoughts and thank you for coming. I bet that you're wondering who I am and what is Pretty Thoughts. Well, I am here to give you a brief "about me". I am just your typical wife and mother who is still trying to find a way to keep my family functioning. Through this journey, I have learned a lot and failed just as much. I know that nothing in life is easy and since my birth, I have been witness to this. Going through my adolescence, I never imagined that I would serve in the military. But,let me be the first to tell you that I am so happy that I did. Once I joined the Air Force, I met my husband Philip and after 3 short months, we married and have been for over a decade. Through our "not always" blissful marriage, we welcomed two boys who keep me on my toes each and everyday (like literally tho!) "Pretty Thoughts" was born from a segment of the "Bailey Gang and Friends" podcast (if you haven't already check us out wherever you listen <3 ). From there, it dawned on me, "Our world needs more pretty!" In the society that we live in, there is so much emphasis on being the best or the greatest. But, sometimes, we just need to change our way of thinking and changing them into "Pretty Thoughts". I hope that you gain a new perspective from this site and remember to change the negative that we've been taught into some "Pretty Thoughts" Friendly Yours, April B.

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